Different types of snakes with pictures-all kinds of snakes

You may disagree but snakes are the most intriguing creatures in the world. In the following paragraphs we are going to describe various types of snakes.

Before we start we have to mention that snakes can be venomous and also non-venomous. We can divide the venomous snakes into 3 groups:
• Elapidae – The group of most venomous snakes. They inhabit tropical regions. Their venom is neurotoxin, which means it destroys the nervous system. The rate of mortality from their bite is extremely high. For example, the Inland taipan belongs to this group and the amount of venom it releases with one bite can kill over 100 adults. Other types of snakes that belong here are the black mamba, king cobras, the coral snake, etc.
• Viperidae – The snakes belonging to this group are also venomous. The rattlesnake, water moccasin, saw scaled viper and others belong to this group. They inhabit Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, etc.
• Colubridae – The snakes that belong to this group are non-venomous or they are in some small extent. However, this doesn’t mean that their bites should be ignored. Some of the snakes that belong to this group are racers, the queen snake, the king snake, the corn snake, the rat snake, garter snake, the milk snake and others.

Non-venomous snakes can belong to the Boidae family and we have other types of snakes. Let's understand each of these types in a greater detail.
• Boidae - a family of non venomous snakes. On the other hand the snakes belonging to this group are constrictors which mean they wrap their body around their prey and kill it by squeezing. They generally feed with big animals. Some of the types of snakes which belong to this group are anacondas, the reticulated python, the African rock python, etc. Besides these snakes there are other types of snakes which are non-venomous.

Types of Snake with pictures

Black Mamba

Banded water Snake

Ball Python

Australian common tiger snake


Fer de lance Snake

Emeral tree boa Snake

Egyptian Cobra

Desert King Snake

Corn Snake

Coral Snake

Copper Snake

Comon Garter Snake

Common ader Snake


Cape Cobra

California Snake

Burmese Python Snake

Bull Snake

Brown House Snake

Scarlet Snake

Temple vit Viper Snake

Moccasin Snake

Western Coachwip Snake

White Python Snake

Mozambique Cobra

Yellow Snake

Pacific Snake

King Cobra

Hognose Snake

Godman's Pitviper
Blue racer
Philippine Cobra
Kraits Krait
Belcher's Sea Snake
Australian Copperheads
Red Spitting
Inland Taipan
Papuan Taipan
Coastal Taipan
Eastern Brown Snake
Mainland Tiger Snake
Peninsula Tiger Snake
Chappell Island tiger snake
Black Headed Death Adder
Barkly Tableland Death Adder
Desert Death Adder
Northern Death Adder
Russell’s Viper
Saw-Scaled Viper
Rough-Scaled Snake
Papuan Black Snake
Multibanded Krait
Stephen's Banded Snake
Spotted Black Snake
Collett's Snake
Mulga Snake
Red-bellied Black Snake
Small-Eyed Snake
Marbled Headed Whip Snake
Barba Amarilla
Horned Sea Snake
Highland Copperhead
Pygmy Copperhead
Bardick Snake
Pale-Headed Snake
Broad-Headed Snake
Butler's Snake
Speckled Brown Snake
Peninsula Brown Snake
Ringed Brown Snake

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