Anacondas Snakes habitat and facts

Anacondas are often see near rivers and swamps in the rainforests of Amazon. These huge snakes prefer water over ground, mainly because of their size and weight. An interesting fact is that these snakes can stay up to ten minutes under the water when they hunt. These snakes are most active at night. The destruction of their natural habitat is the main reason why the number of this snakes reduces every year. Luckily they are not on the list of endangered species yet.
These snakes are most frequently seen in the areas in South America and the Orinoco Basins. However, they prefer he grasslands, savannas and forests, but they feel most comfortable near water. These snakes are solitary snakes and it is rare to see a few of them at the same place.
A great number of people like keeping these snakes as pets. However, if you decide to keep them please note that you have to be very responsible and serious in your efforts. Besides everyday care and feeding, it is extremely important to prevent these snakes from escaping.
Anaconda Facts
• The Anaconda’s average length is 20 feet and it can weigh up to 300 pounds.
• This snake gives birth to 25-35 live offspring at a time.
• They can stay under the water for 10 minutes.
• Anacondas are not venomous snakes.
• They are constrictors- they squeeze their prey to death.
• They can swallow caimans, fish, jaguars and it has been recorded that they can swallow a small deer, too.
• There are 2 Hollywood movies about this type of snake (Anaconda, and Anaconda 2)
• The Green anaconda is the biggest and also the heaviest snake in the world
• If it has eaten a big animal the anaconda can stay without food for a whole year.
• The eyes and nostrils are placed on the top of their head which is great way to camouflage when you hunt.

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