The biggest Snake in the world

Well, when we have to decide about the biggest snake on Earth there is a little problem. Is it the longest snake, the heaviest or thickest or we should find one which is the best in all three categories. After a smaller research we have made a selection of two snakes which fit in our criteria. One of them is the longest, while the other is best in two other categories. Let’s see what we have found.
The thickest, the heaviest and the longest
The Green anaconda (Eunectus Murinus) is the heaviest or the thickest snake in the world. They inhabit the rain forests of the Amazon, in South America. These snakes are true predators and they feed with everything that comes close to them. They prefer to live in swamps and morasses.
The length of Green anacondas is 265 inches and they weight over 240 kg. Because of their weight they have trouble moving on earth and for that reason they spend most of the time in the water. Besides being the heaviest snakes on Earth they are also the thickest. Green anacondas feed on mammals, fish, and other reptiles. They basically eat everything they can defeat. You probably wouldn’t believe this, but it has been recorded that green anacondas can eat crocodiles, deer and in some cases jaguars.
On the other hand, the longest snake on Earth is the Python Reticulatus (Reticulated Python) which lives in the rain forests of Southeastern Asia. They have got their name thanks to the patterns on the body which looks like a net. The average length of this snake is over 330 inches. It is a non venomous snake which kills its prey by wrapping its body around it and choking it to death. They mainly feed on smaller mammals. They live in the swamps, woodlands, grass areas, etc.


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