Blue Racer Snake

The Blue Racer Snake (Coluber constrictor foxii) is an endangered species of snake and is quite long snake (1.5m). It has gotten its name because of the grey-blue or green-blue colour with smooth scales. It also has a specific white mark on the chin and throat. The natural habitat of these snakes is the savanna, grasslands, open woodland, and similar. This snake likes spending it’s time on the ground, although it is a great climber and it can be seen in trees when they are in danger. The Blue racer snake is often confused with a rattlesnake because of the sound it makes with its tail when threatened.
The Blue racer snake is very similar to the Black Racer snake and it is not unusual to see these two types of snakes interbreed. As a result the small snakes may look like one of their parents or have the characteristics of both.
We have already mentioned that these snakes are endangered, and this happens mostly because of destruction of their habitat degradation, human threat, and due to vehicles where a great number of snakes lose their lives when trying to cross the roads.
Blue racer feed mainly with rats and mice, smaller birds, lizards, frogs, chipmunks and other smaller snakes. When they are young they also eat insects. Although these snakes have the word constrictor in their name they never constrict their prey. They only hold their prey until they defeat it. In most cases they simply swallow their smaller prey while it is still alive.
Although these snakes look great and the benefits of them are excellent, because of rats and mice in the first place, we certainly won’t want to see them in our house. If that happens always contact your local snake removal company. It is always better to let the pros do the job.

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