Amazon Rainforest Snakes

The largest tropical rainforest on Earth is the Amazon rainforest. It is also a home for various types of snakes, mainly because of the climate conditions there. To be more precise, the warmth of the rainforest and the water are excellent conditions for snakes and for that reason they are found in a great number in this area. Snakes play a key role in the environment and they are very important for the functioning of the wildlife of the rainforest. It is estimated that 175 species of snakes inhabit the Amazon rainforest.

In the great number of snake species in the Amazon rainforest a large number lives in water, on the ground or in trees. Depending on their preferred location to live their shape is different.

Amazon rainforest snakes are meat eaters. They attack and swallow other animals and the size of the snake dictates the size of the animals they feed on. The larger the snake is the larger the prey is. The rainforest snakes, like the snakes in other parts of the world, attack their prey is many different ways. Some types of snakes squeeze their prey until it dies and then swallow it, other types inject venom in the body of their prey and let it die. Shortly after the snake will find the prey and swallow it

The most popular snakes of the rainforest are anacondas, pythons, boa constrictors. There are even Hollywood movies filmed for them. They are Anaconda and Anaconda 2, Boa, Boa vs Python, Python, and many more.

Unfortunately a great number of snake species of the rainforest are endangered and their number drops rapidly year after year. The reasons are various but it is very important to protect these snakes because they are an important part of the wildlife of the Amazon rainforest.