What do Anacondas eat

Perhaps one of the snakes which still frighten people when they hear the name is the anaconda. Anacondas are also known as the largest snakes in the world. And they belong to the species of Aquatic Boas. They live in the deep forest and swamps. The bad thing is that the number of theses snakes drop rapidly. In the following part of this article we are going to try to answer the question - What do anacondas eat?

What do Anacondas Eat?

These snakes hunt whenever they feel the hunger and any animal that they can catch is on their menu. Depending on the size of the anaconda, the size of their meal varies. Smaller anacondas eat smaller animals like different types of fish and frogs, various rodents, water birds, etc, while adult Anacondas have enough strength to overpower even some animals which you wouldn’t believe can be eaten by anacondas like dogs or jaguars. Now, turtles, bird eggs and other smaller animals don’t seem interesting after these two.

When they catch their prey, they wrap their body around it and practically crush it. They squeeze the prey until it stops breathing. After that anacondas start swallowing the prey slowly from the head.

Thanks to two recent movies (Anaconda and Anaconda II) people are even more terrified by these snakes. However, the truth is that Anacondas will attack people only if they are provoked or in danger. This statement is supported by the fact that there aren’t many attacks by anacondas reported. So, although anacondas have the strength to overpower humans, they are not on their everyday menu.

What do Anacondas eat when captivated?

Well in these situations the one who is responsible for the snake ha to try to imitate the same eating habits Anacondas have when they are free. Anacondas are often given pigs, rabbits, rats to eat since they don’t have to eat very often thanks to their slow metabolism.